UNICEF's Tap Project

Having the opportunity to work on UNICEF's Tap Project was absolutely the most rewarding experience during my time at the Brandcenter.  

In years past (including my first year on the Tap Project team), Tap's main focus was on the participating restaurants and creating a campaign unique to each city that would drive people to eat at the restaurants involved during World Water Week. In 2010, UNICEF asked us to expand the Tap Project outside of restaurants and come up with additional fundraising ideas. Not only did my team do that successfully, we designed, developed and launched a campaign that lived year round and all over the country. And, with literally no budget.

The Big Idea: There's Hope in Rain

We challenged people to donate $1 for every inch of rain that fell in their city over the previous 30 days.

To bring the idea to life, my team used a data scrape to pull in the rainfall data for a number of cities and PayPal to collect donations. We also incorporated a twitter feed on the site featuring happy things people say about the rain to help support our Hope In Rain concept.

We also created a Twitter account for the campaign to spread awareness:

We were able to produce coasters to put in restaurants all over Richmond with water trivia, the link to our site and other ways to donate.

We relied heavily on social media to promote our campaign: