For SxSW 2010, GSD&M decided to send it's own batch of hand picked "surrogates" to attend the Interactive portion of the conference and report back to those who couldn't be there themselves. In 2012, my partner and I had the idea to make this concept a little more beneficial to the people who'd be following these SxSurrogates.

We concepted, designed and built a repsonsive website in-house that allowed users to create their own custom group of surrogates to follow based on common interests. The site allowed people to filter their selections based on a

few categories. So, rather than be overwhelmed by the sea of content coming in, users could follow the handful of GSD&Mers that were most relevant to them.

Check out some screen grabs of our site to the right. The site is still live here, but missing a lot of the content that was available during the conference.

Writer: Jenn Totten Aspinwall
Designer: Gerren Lamson
Developer: Joel Parr