Here are some pieces I'm still liking from grad school. The days without rules, deliverable lists and budgets.


During my second year at the Brandcenter, we were given the opportunity to create an awareness campaign for NOVA and even present our work to the client. The video explains my team's concept and the gallery below shows some of the work we presented. 

My Roles: Concepting, IA/UX, Art Direction & Design. My core focus was on our digital solutions. I designed the website components, badges, mobile app and subway kiosk.

March 2010


We were tasked to choose a dying brand and make it relevant again. Our group chose Wonderbread. And in order to successfully revive the Wonder® brand, our team decided to ignore past claims that white bread is "enriched" and therefore a healthy choice. Let's be honest, there's no need to be on the defense and they're definitely not fooling anyone. The brand is an American icon, and we figured out right away that if we were going to maintain that status, we needed to celebrate what it is that's so great about Wonderbread.

When we asked consumers, we constantly heard back: "Some things just taste better on whiter bread."

When we asked them to explain why, they told us that white bread enabled them to put interesting things on their sandwiches, to use the bread as their "blank canvas." No one is eating white bread because they should be, they are because they want to be, so why not celebrate that and have a little fun?

We set out to rekindle America's craving for all the comfort foods that start with Wonderbread. From fluffernutters, to baloney and cheese, to yes, even the friend Elvis. With this mindset, we created "Wonder's Quest for the Next American Masterpiece." We brought this to if online, in-store, with new product extensions and by even creating a new venue. Go ahead, take a closer look below:

My roles: Concepting, IA/UX, Art Direction and design of the campaign logo, microsite, Facebook component and Wonder Cafe.

December 2009




While interning at Ogilvy, between my first and second year at the Brandcenter, I presented this idea to the client. It's a car maintenance mobile app and desktop widget.