In 2012, my partner and I were tasked to create a mobile tour that would position the U.S. Air Force as a high tech, forward thinking military branch that is leading the way to new frontiers of national defense in air, space and cyberspace. 

We created Rapid Strike. It's a traveling mobile tour that lets visitors experience first-hand, some of the incredible opportunities available in the U.S. Air Force. Throughout the tour's footprint, there are a variety of experiences we created to give visitors a little taste of what it's like to "do the impossible." We were responsible for concepting everything from the tour's name, footprint layout, interactive elements, film story, logo, look and feel...literally everything down to what color to actually paint the simulator.


We worked with Digital Domain to create the film which was shot entirely POV. Well, technically speaking, only part of it was actually "shot," the rest is CG. We filmed live action as much as possible, but sadly, we were denied permission to shoot in space... 

Writer: Jenn Totten Aspinwall  
Designer: Dustin Coffey
Production Company: Digital Domain
Simulator Vendor: Pulseworks