eHarmony: Integrated Brand Campaign

After pitching and winning the eHarmony account in 2012, my partner and I were tasked to create an entirely new brand campaign for them. We were challenged to make the brand feel optimistic, contemporary and connect emotionally with its target.

The campaign we sold in was called: FREE YOUR HEART. Essentially, we acknowledged that dating is scary and overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like an endless sea of unfit matches. Experiencing enough of the wrong fish can be exhausting. Maybe we don't feel safe enough to truly put our heart out there. To put our guard down and let someone get to know the real, honest, version of ourselves. We're terrified of rejection and disappointment. Let's face it, really putting yourself out there takes guts. 

We wanted to provide hope in the intimidating world of dating. We let singles know that there's a better way they could be doing it. By taking the time to get to know you better, eHarmony makes it easier and safer to Free Your Heart.




Writer: Jenn Totten Aspinwall
Director: Michael Gracey
Production Company: Partizan & MPC