"Ode to the IT guy"

My team and I were tasked to highlight and educate users on Dell's Security, Manageability and Reliability products. After learning exactly how valuable and important these resources are, we decided to have a little fun with a seemingly straightforward assignment.

Dell knows that the most important person in any building is "the IT guy." Because nothing runs without them. They're the unsung hero. The glue that keeps everything running behind the scenes. They see what few do, and created the Dell Client Command Suite to help you do your job better. To create more efficiency, save time and money. So we decided to pay tribute to these invaluable employees. We created video, online and social assets:


video: Security

Video: Manageability

dellemc.com pages

ACD: Demian Fore
Writer: Jon Miller
Director: Chris Bourke
Production Company: Westfolk Film Co.