Real Life. Real Dinner.

We were given a very small budget and tasked to launch Campbell's Dinner Sauces: Skillet Sauces, Slow Cooker Sauces and Oven Sauces. Targeting busy moms and families during the week was a natural fit. 

Monday through Friday, their days are full and hectic. Dinner is always whatever they have time to make. Campbell's Dinner Sauces let them cook a real meal in the little time they have. The day-to-day moments with their family may not always be glamorous, but they're precious. And with Campbell's Dinner Sauces, they can put a real meal on the table without giving up any of those moments. Bath time, making a fort in the living room, helping with homework or just horsing around in the evening. That's real life. And you don't want to miss any of that. Campbell's Dinner Sauces help you cook a real meal in the time you have. Right in the middle of real life.

We re-skinned a portion of the Campbell's Kitchen website to highlight the new line of sauces and provide users with helpful content including: recipes, dinner inspiration and coupons.

Aside from our TV spot, we promoted the campaign via social media and online banner ads.


Writer: Clay Hudson
Director: Christina Hodnet